Empires and Puzzles is an RPG with elements of being a puzzle. Then again the puzzle mechanics serve as the battle system for the game instead of the traditional turn based or action packed gameplay. You also get to build your base but don’t worry about enemies raiding as your base is like your hub where you can strengthen your hero and plan your next moves. A puzzle RPG so good that you need our Empires and Puzzles: RPG Quests hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Empires and Puzzles: RPG Quest is available on both iOS and Android.

Use the Daily Summon

In Empires and Puzzles you can summon heroes through the Summon Gate. There are different prices for you to select different kinds of heroes to summon. Heroes have star ratings but you can draw them at random. One thing you can do is to use the daily summon. The daily summon will allow you to summon a hero at random once per day. Think of it as a daily reward for logging in so that you can summon more heroes at your side.

Now work on your base

The base building part of the game isn’t as demanding as most are. One thing is that you don’t have to worry about setting up defenses to guard your base as there is no raiding system. You first need to focus on putting up mines so that you can harvest the necessary resources for the task at hand. Now the next thing to do is to put up farms. Make sure you also upgrade your Fort so that you can upgrade the other things that go along with your base.

Do the single player

The game offers a lot of quests that you can do. This is good since the game tells a story and doing the single player mode allows you to unravel the tale if you’re interested in that of course. The other thing is that the single player mode can also serve as a practice for you since you can go up against the computer enemies which are somewhat a breeze or a hell to go through. You can also try participating in multiplayer mode where you compete against other players.

Update your roster

Going back to the summoning of heroes, you can only carry or use a number of heroes every time you enter a mission. If a party of heroes won’t work for a specific area, then change the roster. This is why it is also ideal to have a wide roster of heroes so that you can swap in between them and use their different abilities.

Battle tips you can use

When you’re fighting in Empires and Puzzles you need to match tiles and score damage. Now the placements of the enemy on the field will determine if they get hit or not considering where you made the matching tiles to begin with. Save your special moves later for the boss especially when you don’t need to use it on the small fries. Focus fire as well on a single enemy lane if you can have matches for those areas as well.

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